Financial Leaders Should Be Ready To…

June 28, 2019

Along with technology and communications, the way we do business in the United States and across the world is constantly changing. Business leaders like Zachari Cargnino cannot simply rely on the principles they learned in business school, leading their organizations according to standard blueprints and expecting them to flourish and move ahead of their competition.

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The Changing Responsibilities of Financial Leadership

May 31, 2019

In the world of business, it is generally a mistake to think of an executive role as a strictly defined set of responsibilities. If you assume that success in such a role means identifying those responsibilities, gaining the skills to perform them well, and then plugging away at them until it’s time to retire, then you aren’t likely to find quite as much success as you expect. There are groundbreaking changes constantly affecting the business world, both across industries and within specific fields, and those changes force business executives to learn new skills, gain a working knowledge of fields that they’ve never investigated, and in general be much more flexible than executives of the past. Here are some examples from Zachari Cargnino and other financial leaders.

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Early Risk Factors: PTSD, Diabetes, and Other Illnesses

May 3, 2019

It might be difficult to try to identify any common factors between mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder and diabetes. Of course, there are huge and obvious differences between mental disorders and cardiovascular diseases. But there is at least one very important similarity as well, which is inspiring healthcare professionals to adopt a similar approach to diagnosis in both cases.

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Medical Sales Tips and Techniques

April 17, 2019

Sales in any field is a career that requires dedication, great communication skills, and persistence. In the medical field, however, there are many additional factors that require special consideration for the sales representative. With technology constantly creating new software, devices, and systems that can improve the quality of care that physicians and facilities provide for their patients, medical sales is an incredibly exciting field for an entrepreneur today. With attention to a few key medical sales tips and techniques from Zachari Cargnino, CFO and business executive, a sales representative can hope to enjoy a successful career making products and equipment available to doctors, their staff, and facility managers.Read More

What Technology Can Do For Medicine

March 6, 2019

Technology has transformed most industries to the point where it’s difficult for us to remember how things were before. Even beyond the consumer products that many of us use every day, like cell phones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers, there are digital inventory systems, satellite technologies, and communication systems constantly working behind the scenes at lightning speeds to make our lives easier.

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Qualities of a Great Chief Financial Officer

January 26, 2019

Zachari Cargnino of Diagnostic Link is proud to hold the title “chief financial officer” in the company. As such, he is responsible for keeping accurate financial and tax records, keeping the board and executive team informed about the company’s current financial state, and helping to make decisions of various types concerning the company’s future activities. Fulfilling these responsibilities takes not only education and experience, but also certain personal characteristics. Here are just a few of the character qualities that make a great chief financial officer for any business.

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Four Common Mental Health Disorders and What They Mean

December 17, 2018

Most of us are familiar with the terms depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dementia in a general sense. But if you ask the average person for a definition of those terms, you aren’t likely to receive an explanation that shows any level of specific understanding, and certainly not a close alignment with the clinical definitions of those disorders. While all four disorders are diagnosed more often and more accurately today than ever before, there is still widespread misunderstanding about just what they are and how they affect everyday life for those that suffer from them. Here are the basics on these four common mental health disorders and what they mean.

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